specialized trade for balloons, helium, party-decorations, wedding-decorations. Advisory service, tips and descriptions to balloon-decorators and users of helium-balloons and gas-balloons.

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Huge shop for balloons on more than 1000 squaremeters: Wedding-decorations, Nice decorator-articles for your wedding Wedding-Deco-Shop. Balloon-Decorations, Decorations with balloons and Balloons for birthdays in specialized trade.

Livraison et vente de ballons: Envie de ballons originaux pour vos fêtes d anniversaire et fêtes à thème? Articles decoration mariages. Ballons mariages. Deco voiture mariage. Les Ballons pour les enfants. Accessoires festifs anniversaire. Boîtes magiques à ballons, kits de ballons à sculpter en forme de serpents, ballons à sculpter en forme d abeilles, ballons à sculpter en forme d animaux, ballons  pour enfants.


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Thank you for visiting Ballonsupermarkt, brought to you by Highlight Balloons, Germany's wholesale distributor of the world's finest Foil and Latex balloons. Our team is experienced in all matters of balloons, decorations and helium for more than 25 years. We make every effort to ensure satisfaction to our customers in supply of balloons and helium for special occasions, such as, birthday, childrens birthday, wedding, mother's day, valentines day, party, business opening, anniversary and all kinds of congratulations and greetings.


For customers and visitors we provide also articles with english descriptions here: Accessories for balloons and balloon decorations, Foil balloons, Latex balloons, Balloons and Helium Kits Balloons and Helium Kits, with Mini-Helium-Gas-Cylinders,, Metallic balloons with helium in small bottles, disposable mini-helium, Foil balloons with helium in small bottles, disposable mini-helium, Balloons with helium in 2.2 liter non-returnable bottles, Foil balloons with helium in 2.2 liter non-returnable bottles, Metallic balloons with helium in 2.2 liter non-returnable bottles.


If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our guidance in Englisch Language is available by telephone contact or e-mail. Please dial 049-2331-630947 and ask for advice or send us an e-mail to


We will guide you in different languages through our shop to satisfy your demand. Our staff is experienced in following languages: English, Russian, Polish, French, Turkish, Romanian.

If you like to send a wish, a greeting or a gift to beloved people in Germany, if family members celebrate their birthday and you like to send a congratulation, or they celebrate a wedding and you send them your best wishes, our shop will do this for you. Easily you can add your personal wishes into our greeting card, supplied with a special balloon for special occasions. You may send a parcel full of balloons to your beloved children. Our team will do that for you in a very nice way. Always a big surprise and a welcoming gift: The balloons of the Ballonsupermarkt.

Pour répondre aux attentes de qualité, correspondre aux goûts et notre culture, chez Ballonsupermarkt, nous avons décidé de proposer les meilleurs produits des plus grands fabricants internationaux, mais aussi de créer notre propre ligne d’articles sur des thèmes originaux.

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